A relaxing stay in Île de France, go to the Hôtel Mont-Royal Chantilly

Plan a relaxing stay in the Île de France at the Hôtel Mont-Royal Chantilly for a unique and luxurious experience.

A relaxing stay close to Paris with a dreamlike atmosphere

Are you tempted by the life of a castle? Would you like to experience a relaxing stay in the Ile de France region that offers excellence in all areas? Then you probably already know that Hôtel Mont-Royal Chantilly is the place to be. Located 10 kilometers from Chantilly, hidden in the woods just a short distance from the North Highway, this castle hotel is a pearl hidden in a cocoon of greenery. It offers everything one could imagine for a relaxing stay near Chantilly, in a luxury version.

First of all, you will have the choice between rooms and suites, each one more impressive than the other. Elegant furniture, woodwork, exposed beams, exceptional fabrics, it is not an exaggeration to say that one finds oneself in a royal atmosphere as the hotel is more richly decorated than many castles. How can you experience stress in such perfect surroundings?

A relaxing weekend in the countryside near Paris, some essential facilities

Imagine your perfect relaxation stay in the Ile de France. It would need a spa. Of course, the Hôtel Mont-Royal Chantilly is equipped with one, including a gym, indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and massage rooms. Would you like to be able to play sports? If petanque is not the best option, you can opt for the tennis court, the bicycles at your disposal, the nearby golf courses in the Oise region, such as the one in Chantilly, 10 km away, or simply the well-equipped fitness room if the weather does not allow you to enjoy the outdoors.

A relaxing weekend in the countryside near Paris also means spending some real time at the table. You will have the choice between a gastronomic restaurant, L'Opéra, and a bistronomic restaurant with service in the dining room or on the terrace, always with the same demanding criteria in terms of elegance and refinement. Is this enough to make your next relaxing stay in the Ile de France a success?

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