Hotel in the nature in Île de France, an island of serenity at the Hôtel Mont-Royal Chantilly

Choosing a nature hotel in the Île de France means combining proximity to Paris with the desire to recharge your batteries. And what if you did it in one of the most beautiful establishments in the north of Paris, the Hôtel Mont-Royal Chantilly.

A hotel in the countryside near the Ile de France

How to combine the desire of a hotel in the nature in Ile de France without wasting time to move away from Paris? For a weekend, you want to enjoy, rest and think about something other than your daily life, so hours on the road are not ideal. But with the choice of the Hotel Mont-Royal Chantilly, you have the solution. It's a 5-star hotel in the countryside in the Hauts de France, yet it's only a 15-minute drive from Roissy. But hidden in the middle of the woods, in a royal setting, this 5 star hotel castle allows you to forget your daily environment in an instant.

This greening up is not only done by the setting but also by the activities in the establishment as well as in the surrounding towns. Golf, fishing, horseback riding, walking or biking, you will only have to drive a few minutes to enjoy these activities. But there is already enough to do in the hotel itself.

A hotel in the heart of nature, close to Paris, with top-of-the-line facilities in a green setting

Don't associate a presence in the heart of the forest with a lack of comfort. Don't associate a hotel in the heart of nature in the Ile de France with basic amenities. It's the opposite at the Hôtel Mont-Royal Chantilly. You are in a 5 star hotel, probably one of the most beautiful in the entire Paris region. More than a hotel in the countryside near the Ile de France (Paris is only 35 minutes away by car), you are above all in a real castle where the decoration is not only the best, but also the most beautiful.ritable castle where the decoration is made only of precious furniture, art objects and where elegance rhymes with refinement. From the gastronomic restaurant to the bistronomic one, from the spa to the tennis court, from the indoor swimming pool to the jacuzzi, everything is luxury, calm and pleasure.

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