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A Heritage-Rich Getaway Only 35 Minutes Away From Paris

Despite being so close to the capital, Paris, calm and peacefulness reigns in this region. The south of the Oise is a great getaway destination at any time of the year. Rich in history, the area forests have been a prized hunting ground for virtually all the kings of France.

Horse riders, ramblers and cyclists will enjoy exploring extensive forests. Some 350 roads and pathways cross through the woodlands comprising over six hundred miles of trails. Culture enthusiasts will simply love its historical heritage. Ancient flora and fauna are punctuated by stately vintage signposts marking most of the intersections.

Harkening back further in time, a short journey to the narrow alleyways in the medieval city of Senlis beckon you from behind their Gallo-Roman battlements.

Bearing witness to a notable and noble past, the Château de Chantilly stands out as a regional landmark.

Whether a short break to experience two worlds or for a longer stay for full exploration, the Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly guarantees its guests an unforgettable sojourn.

The medieval city of Senlis: your next weekend getaway from Paris

With a long and rich history dating back to imperial Rome, the medieval city of Senlis is a mere 10 km drive from the Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly. Lovers of ancient buildings will enjoy visiting Gallo-Roman arenas and ruins of battlements. Early French dynasties lived here, drawn by proximity to the Chantilly forest for hunting game.

The picturesque cobblestone streets in this gothic city takes its visitors on a journey into a cloak-and-dagger novel. The cradle of the Capetian dynasty, the city brings history to life through its well-known cathedral, abbey and priory. In later centuries, magnificent private mansions were constructed, a direct contrast to the crumbling ruins of the royal castle. Regardless of era, a consistent theme is respect for the hunt. A tradition well illustrated by Senlis Musée de la Vénerie - Museum of the Hunt.


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